Updated 08 October 2001

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The best works of J. S. Bach

(The homepage of Aleksandr Goltsov, reduced translation)

I am programmer and I like the music of Bach very much. Unfortunately I do not play on any musical instrument good enough but I like to listen music. I am 32 year old and my face looks like... like that (see at the right).

On this page you will find some MIDI files with the famous Bach's works and some AWE32 patches to make them sound better. These files came to me by various ways, mainly from Internet pages.

Write me if you wish to my e-mail (do not forget to remove all digits from the address!). I'm seeking for the AWE patches for Church Organ (different stops), Flute, Harpsichord, Acoustic Guitar and "live" instruments at all.

My face

MIDI files:


The samples of sound of instruments (patches) can be loaded into the memory of your soundcard with AWE Control Panel. 2M of RAM or more should be installed on your SB32/AWE soundcard, otherwise large patches will not fit. You can play MIDI with standard ROM instrument set, of course, but organ probably will not sound good. SoundBlaster with its wavetable synthesizes many other instruments with acceptable quality, but I did not hear standard Church Organ from ROM similar enough to the church organ sound.

"Last but not least". It is much better to listen music (especially classic, even synthesized) on a good acoustic system. Plug the wire from your SoundBlaster to HiFi amplifier with HiFi loudspeakers and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

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